Summer Training Program

The increased commitment in our summer training program is the #1 reason for the program's success. Summer training is not mandatory; however, if you plan on having a successful program it is vital. One of the more important aspects of summer training, sometimes overlooked, is the bonding and camaraderie that is developed during runs. Some of our runners have actually told me that their favorite part of cross country is the summer training. The running can be tough when it's hot and humid, but the time spent with your friends transcends those struggles. As a coach, it is my absolute favorite part of the season. It gives the staff a chance to develop our connection with our team. You'll find many of the team members hanging out for 30-45 minutes after their run talking and laughing . Many runners have developed traditions involving summer training. You can find dozens of Tipp XC members at Speedway enjoying an icee after a good run.

We base our traning on an 8 week cycle that begins immediately after the state track meet. We meet six days a week at several different locations. In 2014, we started the breakfast club run. We met at several different parks throughout Miami County. After the run, we find a Tim Horton's, Frisch's, or Bob Evans to enjoy a hearty breakfast.
Summer training is directly tied to our point system, campout, and varsity letters. It is the engine that drives the train...without it, we're not going very far.