High School Boys All-Conference

Larry Lachey SWBL 1958 4th
Tom Rohrback SWBL 1961 1st
Jim Johnson SWBL 1966 10th
Devin Bell SWBL 1967 8th
Dave Reynolds SWBL 1968 6th
Rick Mospens SWBL 1968 7th
Chuck Wells SWBL 1971 4th
Dave Grim SWBL 1973 2nd
Dave Lightle SWBL 1973 4th
Craig Zimmerman SWBL 1973 10th
Dave Lightle SWBL 1974 1st
Jeff Rawlins SWBL 1974 3rd
Dave Grim SWBL 1974 5th
Scott Dixon SWBL 1974 7th
Mike Stickleman SWBL 1974 10th
Jeff Rawlins SWBL 1975 1st
Scott Dixon SWBL 1975 2nd
Dave Lightle SWBL 1975 3rd
Tracy Freeman SWBL 1975 5th
Mike Stickleman SWBL 1975 10th
Wade Mizer SWBL 1976 6th
Carl Huntsberger SWBL 1980 3rd
Carl Huntsberger SWBL 1981 8th
Doug Hartline SWBL 1981 10th
Carl Huntsberger SRC 1982 3rd
Todd Hartline SRC 1982 5th
Doug Hartline SRC 1982 8th
Todd Hartline SRC 1983 1st
Ron Fritzche SRC 1983 4th
Todd Hartline SRC 1984 7th
Jeff Miller SRC 1985 10th
Chris Lynch SRC 1993 3rd
Chris Lynch SRC 1995 3rd
Chris Lightle SRC 1995 5th
Chris Lightle SRC 1996 4th
Phil Spangler SRC 1999 10th
Cameron Beattie CBC 2003 9th
Cameron Beattie CBC 2004 8th
Jason Salyer CBC 2005 6th
Nick Held CBC 2005 10th
Jason Salyer CBC 2006 6th
Tyler Feitshans CBC 2006 9th
Andrew Wharton CBC 2006 12th
Jason Bruns CBC 2006 14th
Jason Salyer CBC 2007 1st
Jason Bruns CBC 2007 6th
Tyler Feitshans CBC 2007 8th
Andrew Wharton CBC 2007 12th
Jason Salyer CBC 2008 1st
Kevin Fink CBC 2008 2nd
Jason Bruns CBC 2008 6th
Tyler Feitshans CBC 2008 8th
Kevin Fink CBC 2009 1st
Tyler Feitshans CBC 2009 2nd
Sam Wharton CBC 2009 3rd
Sam Wharton CBC 2010 1st
Brant Fowle CBC 2010 12th
Grant Koch CBC 2010 13th
Sam Wharton CBC 2011 1st
Rick Andrews CBC 2011 12th
Sam Wharton CBC 2012 1st
Rick Andrews CBC 2012 3rd
Grant Koch CBC 2012 4th
Oscar Freyre CBC 2012 10th
Mitch Poynter CBC 2012 11th
Jay Schairbaum CBC 2012 12th
Michael Taylor CBC 2012 15th
Mitchell Poynter CBC 2013 2nd
Daniel Frame CBC 2013 4th
Jay Schairbaum CBC 2013 5th
Evan Wharton CBC 2013 12th
Mitch Poynter CBC 2014 2nd
Daniel Frame CBC 2014 3rd
Michael Taylor CBC 2014 7th
Spencer Ranft CBC 2014 11th
Tim Andrews CBC 2014 12th
Jordan Brown CBC 2014 13th
Mitchell Poynter CBC 2015 1st
Thomas Chaney CBC 2015 4th
Tim Andrews CBC 2015 5th
Jordan Brown CBC 2015 7th
Keenan Fraylick CBC 2015 8th
Jacob Stillwagon CBC 2015 9th
Spencer Ranft CBC 2015 13th
Keenan Fraylick GWOC 2016 4th
Michael Stearns GWOC 2016 5th
Ben Jans GWOC 2016 8th
Bryce Conley GWOC 2017 1st
Ethan Heitkamp GWOC 2017 8th
Brennan Larned GWOC 2017 10th
Austin Rogers GWOC 2017 11th

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